The Stress Center Kelowna: Anger Management 

The Stress Center, Kelowna, Anger Management, CounsellingYour anger is causing problems for yourself or a loved one. Nobody intends to let themselves get out of control, but when it does, you want solutions, fast! That’s where we can help. Using a proven program to attack the roots of anger, which in many cases have their source in stress. When life gets stressful, things seem overwhelming, and it never seems like we have enough time or energy to get things done.
When pressures from work, home, finances, or relationships start to mount, we lose the ability to manage things the way we want to and sometimes lash out in anger when we are triggered.





The Stress Center, Kelowna, Anger Management, CounsellingLearning how to reduce our stress levels and increasing our coping ability is the first step to keeping ourselves in check. The next is finding out how to increase resiliency to anger triggers, which provides the freedom to have reduced conflict and better outcomes as you learn how to resolve issues without needing to escalate.

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