Chronic Stress Affects Us All

Chronic stress is one of the emerging issues facing our North American society. This is the natural by product of a competitive culture which constantly tells us to spend more, do more and be more. With the advent of mobile media it makes it harder to put our worries away and focus on the present. The repercussions from this are inevitable. The American Psychological Association released a survey reporting that nearly 80% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress.  

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Therefore, Chronic stress can affect your health and well-being. Some of the symptoms you can experience include depression, anxiety, anger, headaches, insomnia, overeating, higher risk of strokes, and higher risk of heart attacks. This not only affects your health but it can impact other areas of your life, such as your marriage, parenting, friendships, and work life. 

But not all stress is bad. It allows the body to operate at a high level, with a number of different physiological responses. When you have an experience, whether it’s negative or positive, your body will respond by increasing your heart rate, breathing rate, and releasing hormones. In the short term, it can be beneficial. Your brain receives more oxygen, and you receive an edge when it comes to problem-solving. Plus, this elevated bodily state can help you to cope with tough situations.

Chronic stress is where it becomes problematic. Negative emotions aren’t just triggered by traumatic experiences, such as the death of a loved one or divorce. The pressures of everyday responsibilities, such as a relationship, marriage, raising a child, or professional issues, can boost your body’s stress levels and keep them raised for far longer than is necessary. 


chronic stress, the stress center, kelowna, online course, online counselling, counselling

While in the grip of stress, it can feel hopeless. You might have a sense that nothing will ever change for the better. However, it has been clinically proven that the use of common sense strategies can empower you and give you the tools you need to master your stress! Since everyone is different, your methods of managing life will be unique to you.

At The Stress Center, our reason for being is to work with you and determine productive ways for you to get stress under control and live your life to the fullest. We offer a wide range of services to help you take control of your life! Get in contact with one of our experienced therapists for counselling online or in Kelowna, BC. Take our online course or order your copy of The Simple Stress Solution workbook today!

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