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The Stress Center Kelowna: Depression

Depression, The Stress Center, Kelowna, Counselling You or someone you love may be feeling down and blue. Maybe it’s trouble getting out of bed in the morning, a lack of motivation, or a feeling of in hopelessness. Perhaps it’s an increase in eating or feeling like you don’t even want to eat.
It could be that you don’t find pleasure in things that you used to – hobbies, activities or friendships. Your ability to concentrate could also be affected. Maybe you’ve been isolating yourself from others because you don’t want them to know what’s going on and asking too many questions.



Depression, The Stress Center, Kelowna, Counselling Stress can cause depression. Feeling overwhelmed with life can cause anyone to start spiraling into negative feelings that can quickly turn in a serious depression. The good news is that help is available! There are simple, proven strategies that will get you back to feeling yourself, and they can work with or without medication.
At the Stress Center, we understand that the root cause of most negative emotions comes from a common source, and that stress plays a role in creating or maintaining a negative cycle of emotions. By coming to a informal class on stress, you will learn, with others, how to identify the source of your feelings, and powerful, effective ways to turn the tables on depression and take back control of your life.


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