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The Stress Center Kelowna: Our Process

Kelowna, Stress, Counselling, The Stress CenterFrom the very beginning of your experience with the Stress Center, we want you to be assured of the very best in evidence-based treatment. We know you only want options that have been proven to work quickly and effectively. Our process differs from most programs because we help you get to the source of your stress instead of just managing symptoms with relaxation techniques. Once you know the secrets behind your stress, you will be able to master your stress relief! 

1. What is stress?

Although this seems like an obvious question, it is not actually that easy to answer. We all have ideas as to what stress means, and how we define stress influences how we attempt to reduce it. In the first step of our process we will look briefly at our preconceptions of stress, some background and science around stress research, and then come up with an easy-to-understand definition that we will be using throughout the course.

2. What is your stress?

The second step in our process is where we look at your own life and the things that you think tend to increase your own stress level. For some people, it is stress at work – demands that your boss places on you, or conflict with co-workers. For others, it is when they get home that the stress begins. Issues like relationship conflict with a spouse or children, the financial stress involving how to make ends meet, or the burden of caring for a loved one who is ill while trying to find time for yourself are all things that create stress for individuals. Discovering your own stress triggers can help you build a plan to manage these areas of your life.

Want to get an idea of your current stress levels? Take a quick quiz today!

Kelowna, Stress, Counselling, The Stress Center3. How does your stress affect you?

Regardless of where our stress comes from, we all handle it differently. For some people, it affects their mood – they are irritable or anxious. Others increase the amount they smoke as a way to cope with stress – what they do is affected the most. Others can be affected socially as they withdraw from engaging with friends and their support network. Stress can also affect us physically, for instance, when we start getting migraines or our back muscles start cramping up. Finally, stress can affect our memory or our ability to focus and concentrate, which in turn, can increase our stress level.
Once these questions have been answered, and you have determined your own ‘stress-profile,’ it is possible to move to the next section of our process – understanding what is behind the patterns of stress that we have developed, and developing effective ways to reduce or eliminate our experience of stress.

Your Consultant

Work with your stress professional or counsellor to:

  • Identify your stress
  • Understand your stress
  • Reduce your stress

Your Coach

Get help implementing the solutions you’ve discovered with your consultant in your daily life. Your coach will support you as you apply and practice these stress management strategies. Receive support from your coach through:

  • Email
  • Texting
  • Skype / FaceTime / Google Video Call

Schedules For Any Budget

We can offer you stress-solution options to fit your schedule and budget. From our Stress Starter program to our VIP packages, customizing a solution that works for you is our primary concern.