With today’s technology, sometimes being apart doesn’t mean you can’t see people as often as it suits. Skype is a program or app that works on personal computers (with a webcam), and smart phones that run Android or iOS. Seeing your counselor face to face is just a click away. Send a request to join our Skype contacts at ‘freedom-counselling’. We would love to arrange a time to meet and see you and your issues more clearly.


Because of the popularity of Apple products, Face-Time might be an option of choice for those using Mac computers (with a webcam) or iPods, iPads or iPhones operating iOS 4 or higher. A simple, easy way to connect using Wi-Fi, FaceTime is as easy as clicking on the FaceTime button after adding Freedom Counselling as a contact under email address freedomcounselling@telus.net. We would be happy to book an appointment for you at a mutually suitable time.


Need time to collect your thoughts? Like time to write and express yourself using words? Email counseling may be right for you. Sometimes email can allow a depth of detail that in-person counseling doesn’t afford. After all, you pay only for the time it takes the counselor to read and respond, leaving you free to take all the time you need to properly explain yourself and your situation without being rushed. Various options are available for seeking assistance via email, from pay-per-email service, to weekly or monthly bundles. Email freedomcounselling@telus.net to find out more.


Sometimes you’re not in a position to talk out loud, but still want the immediacy of instant responses from a counselor. This is when a live chat can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Available on a variety of platforms, sessions can be booked in 15 minute increments to allow for immediate feedback, without having to travel to an office for a standard in-person session. Email details of how (what platform – i.e. MSN Messenger, Google Talk, Skype, etc.), and when you’d like to connect, and we will make it happen.


The ultimate mobile solution, texting provides a way to discretely seek assistance while on a break or lunch, or when you’re on the go (just not driving!). Texting can provide you with a way of keeping in touch even when you’re not at a computer, or don’t have access to Wi-Fi. TextPlus and iMessage are also convenient options.

​Text 250-550-5482 to get started now.