Picture1Individual Counselling

What can you expect when you walk in the door to Freedom Counselling? A friendly face, a warm environment, and a guarantee that you will be able to express yourself to a qualified professional who is genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. Confidentiality is assured, and you will be able to talk freely about your situation in a non-judgmental setting.

After feeling heard and understood, you will work with your therapist to come up with a plan for how to take the next step forward, and address the issues you are facing using proven techniques and concepts that will make sense to you. You will leave feeling more hopeful than before, because you will have started a relationship with someone who will be a powerful ally as you confront the feelings and circumstances facing you.

Picture4Couple Counselling

When you and your partner started a life together, things were great. However, over time things change. Maybe you aren’t as close as you were before. Pressures of things like your job, the kids, the in-laws or your finances may be causing problems in your relationship. The characteristics of your spouse that you initially thought were ‘charming,’ may now be driving you crazy! Maybe you’re finding it difficult or impossible to communicate with each other, and it’s making things worse. Resolving your challenges and getting your relationship back on track is critical if you are going to be able to cope with the other areas of your life.

That’s where Freedom Counselling can help. Our therapists have a successful, long-lasting marriage of their own that has weathered the storms of life, so they can better relate to what you’re going through on a personal level. They can also provide you with practical ways of moving past the negative emotions that can get in the way of healthy communication. Once you sit down with someone who can understand where both of you are coming from, it is amazing how quickly solutions can come. Call for your free initial consultation.

Picture3Family Counselling

When a family needs help, it is important that every member has a voice. Our trained therapists provide an opportunity for every family member to have a chance to express themselves in a safe, neutral environment where the focus is on understanding each other, and finding workable solutions that will allow everyone to move forward.

Due to the multiple relationships that exist between the various members (parent-child, spouse-spouse, child-child), it is essential that you find a skilled facilitator that can help navigate the sometimes complex world of family dynamics, so as to avoid causing any further damage to these relationships that can be fragile already. At Freedom Counselling we understand families, and would love the opportunity to be able to help yours

Picture2Freedom Kids

Adult counselling can involve discussing issues, expressing feelings and analyzing thought patterns. Kids typically can’t do those things very well, until they are older. That’s why therapists who work with kids (3-11), usually do so using a variety of indirect methods that get at what a child is thinking or feeling, without simply asking questions. One of these approaches is called “Play Therapy,” but it’s a lot more than simply playing games. It is a systematic way of allowing kids to talk freely about what is going on in their lives in the context of what they do best – play!

Using a combination of guided and free-play activities, counsellors can work to uncover what is really going on inside a child. Although some counsellors like to work with the child apart from the parents, at Freedom Counselling, we see the value of being able to have the parents involved in the process as much as possible. After all, the parents are the most important people in the child’s life – not the therapist. Feel free to ask more about how play therapy might benefit your child.