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The Stress Center: Relationship Counselling

The Stress Center, Kelowna, Couple Counselling, RelationshipsWhen your relationship is going through a tough time, and the pain of the hurt and loss that you are feeling increases, it may seem as though it’s difficult to function. The extra stresses that arise in the course of divorce as you try to sort out issues related to living situation, finances, and access to children can seem overwhelming.

Unfortunately, you may not have the support necessary to manage these issues at the very time you need them the most. That’s where we can help. Using proven principles designed to assist those in times of crisis, we can help you stabilize yourself emotionally so you can make the best decisions possible at this crucial time of your life.



The Stress Center, Kelowna, Couple Counselling, RelationshipsWhen you are empowered to de-toxify yourself, then working toward viable solutions with others involved in a way that leads to successful resolution of conflict, is something that will happen more easily.

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