About The Stress Center Kelowna

The Stress Center was founded by Calista and Vern Ward. With 15 years of counseling experience and 20 years of marriage, the Wards were motivated to create the first therapeutic business of its kind in Canada, a place where anyone could receive counseling. However, they decided to do things a little differently.

Clients of The Stress Center can meet with consultants for traditional sessions in person, and they can attend group sessions or one-on-one meetings. However, The Stress Center has also harnessed the power of technology to create a system of virtual support. Now clients also have the option to communicate with a psychotherapist via Skype, phone calls, email, or texting. In today’s hectic world, this is one more way for people to get the help they need in the most convenient way possible.

Calista Ward; The Stress Center Kelowna; Counselling KelownaDr. Calista Ward

As a Registered Clinical Counsellor with an M.D, I offer my clients more than just remarkable qualifications and a warm, welcoming environment – I provide effective strategies and perceptive insights developed from over 15 years of experience. It is the journey from hopelessness to hope, and then finally to the joy of a changed reality that makes my job truly rewarding. As a therapist, I don’t guarantee an easy fix to the challenges you face, but I can promise it will be easier if we share the load and it carry it towards a solution together.

My medical training has equipped me to be aware of the physiological factors that are present in many psychological conditions, such as stress, anxiety, and eating disorders. I am in a unique position to develop treatment plans that meet your needs in a holistic way while keeping you at the center.
As a mother of 7 and a wife of 24 years, I have been faced with plenty of challenges personally and in my family, such as parenting stress, depression, chronic illness, adoption, eating disorders, financial crises, and legal battles. Expect compassion, empathy, and encouragement from someone who knows how to overcome struggles.



Vern Ward; The Stress Center Kelowna; Counselling KelownaVern Ward

My clients are regular people who find themselves stuck – emotionally (negative emotions), personally (self-esteem), or relationally (conflict/communication). I work with my clients to help them experience freedom in these areas. My clients get results quickly because I use a proven system guaranteed to get them unstuck. Skeptical? That’s okay, because I have a money-back satisfaction guarantee. I offer that because I know that if you can understand the underlying dynamics of your emotions, then change can happen during the first session. Free consultation! You have nothing to lose and your freedom to gain. Call today.

Although I have worked for over 15 years with clients of all types, I feel that I am able to help clients get results fast in the following areas: stress, anxiety, anger and addictions, and depression. For couples therapy, I enjoy teaching them to communicate effectively and resolve conflict quickly.
I am concerned with equipping you with the tools, resources, and understanding you need to achieve freedom in all areas of your life. When we are in alignment with proven principles, freedom from feeling ‘stuck’ occurs quickly. Find your freedom…today!


Both of the Wards received at least a Master’s level of education, and both are proud members of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counselors.