Workshops that are Dynamic. Engaging. Life-Changing.

The team at The Stress Center Kelowna are also experienced public speakers, and have offered their services for a variety of corporate and government entities, such as the RCMP, Tolko Lumber, and Central Okanagan Public Schools. Below are some of the workshops and seminars that The Stress Center has put on. Contact us today about leading a seminar in your organization!

The Simple Stress Solution Workshop

The Stress Center, Kelowna BC, workshops and seminars, workshops, stress, online counsellingBased on the book by Dr. Calista & Vern Ward, The Simple Stress Solution Workshop is a three hour workshop that walks the audience through Identifying, Understanding, and Reducing  their stress. Learn the tools you need to create positive change in your life!

What you will learn:

  • What stress looks like in each person’s life
  • How to identify stress in your own life, complete with your individual Personal Stress Profile. 
  • Learn “the stress cycle” and what steps you can take to change it
  • Turn negative experiences into positive ones by learning how to anticipate and recognize stress and your own “early warning systems”!

Overcoming Stress in Marriage Workshop

The Stress Center, Kelowna BC, workshops and seminars, workshops, stress, online counselling

When you started off on your honeymoon, it seemed like marital bliss would last a lifetime! But life is tough, and burdens and pressures can take their toll. It makes everything harder. Stress in marriage can serve to build walls between you and your partner…or draw you closer together. Experience truths gathered from over 25 years marriage, and learn what you need to make your relationship stand the test of time!


  • How to identify the stress in your life
  • Recognize the impact that it is having on your marriage
  • Understand the mechanics of stress, and what causes it
  • Learn a framework to reduce marital stress – collaboratively!
  • Reduce or eliminate the negative effects of stress from your marriage